Conference on
"Cultural-Historical, Activity and Sociocultural Research
at Times of  the Contemporary Crisis:
 Implications for Learning and Human Development"

Presentation of the Conference
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-The concept of crisis in Cultural-Historical, Activity and Sociocultural Research
-Epistemological and methodological aspects of the concept of crisis
-The crisis in psychology and other social sciences
- Developing qualitative research methodologies in cultural-historical, activity and sociocultural research at times of the crisis
-The effects of social and economic crises on mental health, family, education, learning and science
-Poverty, wealth and human development
-Lived experience, learning and development in the context of ecological, social, economic and ethical crisis
-Crisis and the voices of marginalized groups
- Human suffering and trauma at times of crisis
- Crisis and collective memories
- Body/embodiment at times of the crisis
-Crisis and psychological processes (perception, thinking, emotions, imagination, memory, language, creativity, personality, consciousness etc.)
- Crisis and the development of children and youth
-Special education at times of the crisis from the perspective of cultural-historical, activity and sociocultural approaches
-Dialogue at times of the crisis
- the use of social media during the crisis
-Creativity and art at times of crisis
-Alternative forms of resistance at times of crisis
-Alternative psycho-pedagogical approaches at times of crisis
-Perspectives and limitations of cultural-historical, activity and sociocultural approaches to the contemporary crisis