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Call for Papers
"Cultural-Historical, Activity and Sociocultural Research at Times of  the Contemporary Crisis: Implications for Education and Human Development "
The section of South and Central Europe and Middle East of the International Society for Cultural-Historical and Activity Research (ISCAR) (http://www.iscar.info/), the Department of Psychology at the School of Social Sciences and the Department of Preschool Education at the University of Crete, and the Department of Preschool Education at  the University of Ioannina  are happy to announce the organization  of  the International conference "Cultural Historical, Activity and Sociocultural Research at Times of Contemporary Crisis". The conference will be held at University of Crete (http://www.en.uoc.gr) which is located in the city of Rethymno during the 18th and 19th of June 2016.
Current cultural historical activity and sociocultural approaches face unprecedented challenges connected with the contemporary world economic, ecological, social and political crisis and its multiple forms of expression at different levels of human development at different parts of the globe. The conference aims to stimulate reflective discussions and to promote research on ecological, social, cultural, psychological and political impacts of the contemporary economic crisis on human development, as well as to denote perspectives of resistance.
The concept of 'crisis' is core and fundamental in cultural historical theory. It has been utilized by Vygotsky as a way to critique the state of psychology during the first decades of 20th century. The concept has also been applied by Vygotsky for the articulation of specific mechanisms related to psychological development. It seems that the concept of crisis continues to serve as a critical way for conceptualizing human development and building knowledge on the processes involved in human growth, and change.

Themes of the conference
-The concept of crisis in Cultural-Historical, Activity and Sociocultural Research 
-Epistemological and methodological aspects of the concept of crisis
-The crisis in psychology and other social sciences
- Developing qualitative research methodologies in cultural-historical, activity and sociocultural research at times of crisis
-Crises and the drama of human development
-The effects of social and economic crises on mental health, family, education, learning and science
-Poverty, wealth and human development
-Lived experience, learning and development in the context of ecological, social, economic and ethical crisis
-Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics from a cultural historical perspective: Crisis and/or Change
-  Ecology and sustainability: new meanings and new practices in the times of crisis
-Crisis and the voices of marginalized groups
- 'Perezhivanie' and human drama at times of social crisis
-Crisis and psychological processes (perception, thinking, emotions, imagination, memory, language, creativity, personality, consciousness etc.)
- Crisis and collective memories
- Body/embodiment at times of the crisis
- Social crisis and the development of children and youth
-Special education at times of the crisis from the perspective of cultural-historical, activity and sociocultural approaches
-Dialogue (dialogism) at times of social crisis
- The use of social media and multimodality during the crisis
-Creativity and art at times of crisis
-Alternative forms of resistance at times of crisis
-Alternative psycho-pedagogical approaches at times of crisis
-Perspectives of cultural-historical, activity and sociocultural approaches to the contemporary crisis

Presentation Forms
Individual Papers: 20 min. presentation;
Symposium: Self structured; max. 2 hours
The abstract for papers, symposiums should be written in a WORD format using Times New Roman 12 pt.  It should be single spaced and fully justified and its length should not exceed 250 words.
The proposals should be submitted via e-mail: mdafermo@uoc.gr
Submission deadline: January 30th 2016
Registration deadline: March 31th 2016.
The conference fee: 65 Euros (full participation at the conference, lunches)
The website of the conference is: http://iscarconf.soc.uoc.gr/1.html